Nowadays, privacy is at the top of many minds. Vague privacy policies, conventional data collection, and high-profile data breaches can lead to the second assumption of our data’s security – even if a reputable organization protects it. Americans are additional potential to believe the credit card corporations than the national administration to ensure their data. To debate this anxiety, security specialists commonly approve using virtual private networks (VPNs) and Anonymous browsing (secure browsers) to protect your browsing record and personal information off the grid.

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What is Anonymous browsing?

Anonymous web browsing refers to the World Wide Web‘s aim, which conserves the user’s privately identifiable data from visiting the websites. Anonymous web browsing can be achieved via other Anonymous policies such as proxy servers, Tor, and VPN servers. These policies work by transmitting data through various routers to hide the source and objective of the data. Anonymity equipment can be utilized to enable the user’s access to blocked online websites in certain locations.

Anonymous browsing
Anonymous browsing

Still, there is no assurance of anonymity with these servers. These policies are still sensitive to traffic analysis. Proxy servers that have a main point of knowledge are also sensitive to data collection by authorities. Also, browser plugins, cookies, and other information can be used to identify the user uniquely, even if the user’s IP address is hidden.

How to stay anonymous online?

Do you prefer to stream, surf, or download anonymously? There are many paths to preserve your online privacy. Below are some beneficial ways to stay Anonymous online:

  1. First, use a VPN connection: it is important to select a trustworthy VPN service.
  2. Select a privacy-friendly browser: It is smart to go back to basics and be sure you select a browser that helps you conserve your anonymity. Many familiar browsers have many paths to handling user privacy. They similarly have several levels of protection.
  3. Utilize a proxy server: Proxy servers are often seen as a light and free alternative to a VPN. They may be modified to your wants but remember that they do not have similar security principles as VPNs. However, if your only purpose is to prevent certain geographic online restrictions, then a proxy server is enough.
  4. Find the system with an Anonymous search engine.
  5. Install browser extensions for your privacy.
  6. Oversee your privacy settings.

By obeying the steps above, you can use the browser while maintaining privacy.

How Anonymous browsing secure with a VPN?

Using a VPN is a safe way to browse the Internet anonymously. Your connection will be secure when you are connected to a VPN server. The software ensures all your online traffic is encrypted using special protocols so that no one can read your data. 

Your IP address is also kept secret because you automatically receive the IP address of the VPN server you are using. An IP address is your Internet connection identification number, and it can indicate your location and eventually your identity. A VPN conceals your actual IP address for others. They notice the IP address of the VPN server. That way, the websites you visit will not be eligible to see your IP address and will not be worthy to identify you.

Lots of VPN providers don’t log your activity when you use their services. It is the commodity they assure you: Anonymous browsing. These providers provide their clients with inevitable camouflage with their secure and secure VPN connection.

Anonymous browsing with a VPN

Attaching a masked IP to a secure connection assures VPN users that their online behavior cannot be detected by anyone else. However, not all VPN providers ensure this. If you want to keep your internet connection anonymous, it is significant to look for a reliable and good VPN provider with a zero-log policy. A zero-log policy guarantees that the VPN provider does not enroll in any of your online workouts. In this way, even the government cannot get any supplier to transfer this information, because there is nothing to give. Below we will discuss two trusted VPN providers.

NordVPN: A trustworthy VPN service

NordVPN is an example of a trusted VPN provider. NordVPN has a huge number of servers around the world and requires strong security choices. If you subscribe to it, you can prosper access to software that conserves all your devices and works for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. With up to the six devices, you can attach to the Internet simultaneously with just one subscription. It is highly adequate for those who want to be able to surf, stream, and download completely anonymously.


Besides this, it also has some great policies.  Like the strict no-log policy, they only receive the data needed to deliver their service: next Generation encryption, DNS leak security. Kill switch. And the cryptocurrency payment. 

NordVPN is very user-friendly. After receiving the subscription, you can install the application and connect to a safe VPN server with just a few clicks. The app will run in the setting of your tool while you can browse and stream as usual. You don’t notice anything in your daily browsing experience, but you are more secure and anonymous.

NordVPN pricing

ProtonVPN: A user-friendly VPN

The second-best performing VPN is ProtonVPN. It is a user-friendly VPN provider that lets you browse anonymously. They have a huge quantity of servers worldwide, which gives rise to it, very simple to find a server that suits your wants. Their servers will ensure that you can browse the Internet without interruption. You can also use Netflix and download torrents for free. The app is extremely simple to use and has a great customer support team that rump help you find it.

They also offer free plans and affordable plans for users who want less.


Using the above two VPNs, you can easily browse while protecting your privacy.

The secure browsers for Anonymous browsing 

Below, we will suggest some secure browsers. So, have a look 

Tor Browser

No one can beat Tor when it comes to anonymous browsing. Privacy Browser Tor protects your Internet traffic and communication around the relay-distributed network of volunteers around the world. Instead of managing traffic from A to B, the Tor browser bounces it multiple times in different places. Thus, no one can say where the traffic originated or where it is going.


It has been created with many changes at the top of Forex to improve security and privacy. This anonymous browser brings NoScript integration by default. 

Tor Browser is the only negative position speed. The second browser to reach the other anonymous browsers very quickly as an incentive to the tunnel school internet traffic of the year before the destination. Criticism if you use a high-speed Internet connection, during an online privacy protection survey – may not be so long.

Accessible on: Mac, Linux, and windows.


It is a rapidly anonymous browser to conserve your privacy. Turns off ads and trackers by default, lessening the chances of being attacked by malware, ransomware, and spyware. 


Accessible on: Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS. 

SRWare Iron

It is one of the best private browsers based on the open-source Chromium project. Secure Browser offers the same features as Chrome, but without those privacy concerns. Its main uses are tracking and excluding other privacy-compromising functionality, including the Google Chrome browser. But this one has no integrated VPN

Accessible on: Linux, Mac, Android, and Windows.

Opera browser

It is the most popular and secure browser.  This also has a free VPN integrated

Personal browsers are protected browsers. When you use a personal web browser window, your Internet history and activity data will be removed as soon as you close all personal windows. When all personal windows are closed, Opera-related browsing history, cache items, and cookies will be removed. Because of this, individual tabs or windows cannot be retrieved from the History or Tab menus.

Opera | LinkedIn
Opera browser

Accessible on:  Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. 

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