What is BitMix.biz? How does their strategy work? Do they give effective fees? Apart from this, people have many questions about it.

BitMix.biz: The Best & Safe Bitcoin Mixer - Review 2021
BitMix.biz: The Best & Safe Bitcoin Mixer – Review 2021

So, in this Bitmix.biz: The Best & Safe Bitcoin Mixer – Review 2021, we answer more of these questions and more so that you can choose if this is the good bitcoin mixer for you. Now let’s get started.

The features

  1. Available via TOR.
  1. All logs are closed, meaning no personal information has been collected.
  1. Permits you to mix less, a minimum of m 0.005 BTC.
  1. You can put custom fees between 0.4% to 4%.
  1. Supports Litecoin (LTC,) Dash (DASH), and Bitcoin (BTC),
  1. Divide your mixed coins into five separate receiving addresses.
  1. The custom delivery of cryptocurrency to each obtaining address.
  1. The custom holdup for delivery of cryptocurrency to each obtaining address.
  1. Includes randomization features instead of simultaneous transactions that send your mixed cryptocurrency.

What is BitMix.biz?

Anonymous Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.biz
Anonymous Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.biz

BitMix.biz is a bitcoin mixer service that was declared in August 2017 on Bitcointalk.org.

Like other Bitcoin Blenders, BitMix.biz permits you to smash the link between two separate wallet addresses. In different words, bitcoin mixers can assist you in expressing suspicion that any funds may be associated with your identity. Blockchain analytics companies, such as China lysis, help prevent you from identifying what you are doing with your money and who you are.

Aided Cryptocurrencies

You can mix the additional cryptocurrencies at BitMix.biz:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Litecoin (LTC)
  3. Dash (DASH)

How Does BitMix.biz Work?


Below is how it works:

  1. Get on to BitMix.biz and choose the Mixer option in the navigation bar.

  1. In the Destination address, add the wallet address of the mixed bitcoin you want to send. This production address needs to be different from the one you are sending.
  2. Use sliders to select Delays and service fees. The longer the delay and the higher the prices, the better.
  3. Select whether you want to facilitate Randomization. If you have this enabled, you will return each mixed bitcoin in multiple parts to each output address. It will make your identity stronger with your mixed coins. But, the minimum deposit compelled to enable this detail is higher (see below).
  4. The Mixing Strength Indicator will bring out how strong your chosen settings are.
  5. When you are pleased, choose Start Mixing.

  1. On the following page, they will give you an input address. Send the bitcoin you want to anonymize to this address.
  2. Once they receive your deposit, the status will be updated. You will then collect your mixed bitcoin after your selected delay.
Collecting Bitcoin in BitMix.biz
Collecting Bitcoin in BitMix.biz
  1. Since you quit this page, you may want to copy the code. If you use BitMix.biz furthermore in the future, you will pass into it to make sure you have not previously received cryptocurrencies mixed with them.
  2. You will again want to download the guarantee letter. It permits you to ascertain that the input address is valid. It is barely proof that your order occurred. It is because the data in your order has been deleted from their server after 2 hours of the order. If for any purpose, you don’t perceive your mixed cryptocurrency, it will help you solve the situation with bitmix.biz.
Sending the Coin
Transferring the coin

What is the randomized characteristic?

Randomized Characteristic
Randomized Characteristic

If you allow the randomization option, you will acquire your mixed coins in numerous transactions (2+) with each wallet address stipulated in your original order. According to bitmix.biz, it should be more difficult for someone to keep you anonymous. 

If you allow this option, then:

  1. The minimum quantity you need to mix increases. For Bitcoin (BTC), the minimum quantity boosts from 0.005 BTC to 0.1 BTC.
  1. You will spend the transaction payment double. For Bitcoin (BTC), this fee will increase the output address to 0.0003 BTC.
  1. The fee given to Bitmixer.biz will be randomized but it will be below 1%.

The minimum amount of BitMix.biz 

Here are the lowest and utmost amounts you can mix on BitMix.biz:

Cryptocurrency   Minimum Amount (Normal)   Minimum Amount (Randomize Enabled)

Bitcoin (BTC)                           0.005                                               0.1

Litecoin(LTC)                          0.005                                                1.0

Dash (DASH)                           0.005                                               1.0

If you try to mix less than the minimum of any of the supported cryptocurrencies, it will be deemed a grant and you will not get anything back. They can also easily mix 100 BTCs without any delay. 

The fees of BitMix.biz 

There is no fixed fee for bitmix.biz. Rather, you will have the capacity to set custom fees. 

This is an ideal feature of other Bitcoin blenders that we checked out, as it creates it difficult for someone to link your prior Bitcoin wallet address to your recent one. 

These fees are listed on the BitMix.biz website:

Cryptocurrency                         Mixing Few                                   Transaction Fee

Bitcoin (BTC)                                     0.4% to 4%                 0.0003 BTC per output address

Litecoin (LTC)                                       2% to 20%                 0.0003 LTC per output address

Dash (DASH)                                       0.4% to 4%             0.0003 DASH per output address

BitMix has several pools of mixed cryptocurrencies. If you set higher fees, you have a higher chance of getting back cryptocurrencies from investors, trusted exchanges, etc. You will get cryptocurrencies that are not connected to you, without setting any fees. 

If you have enabled the randomize option (more on that below), you’ll need to pay for additional transactions. 


When we grabbed BitMix.biz for a test drive, we found their interface simple and merciful to use. 

But like many other bitcoin mixers we’ve seen, bitmix.biz is powered by an anonymous webmaster in a centralized system. This means you don’t know who is behind the site, but you have to trust them to use their mixing service. 

We liked that you can customize a few significant things:

  1. Add numerous destination addresses.
  1. Customize the percentage of coins sent to each of your addresses.
  1. Set a unique time-delay for each address to which you are sending currency.
  1. Select your own fee (between 0.4 to 4% for BTC).

We hope you understand that it is suitable for your use. We also recommend it. 


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